Val di Funes

A pearl in the Alps and always worth a visit

Not far from Bolzano, South Tyrol’s capital city, you can find the picturesque Val di Funes in the heart of the Dolomites UNESCO World Heritage. Not only is it one of the most beautiful regions in the world, but it also offers a broad variety of things and places to explore. Endless tours, excursions, hiking and mountain bike trails, ski areas as well as historic and cultural sights are awaiting you and are easily reachable from the Hotel Fines.



Highlights in Val di Funes and Santa Maddalena


The highlights in Val di Funes are most probably the stunningly located churches of Santa Maddalena and St. John in Ranui. Restfully situated in front of the impressive Odle peaks, this is definitely a unique, breathtaking and simply stunning picture, which you will remember for a lifetime. Both are only a short walk away from the Hotel Fines and totally worth a visit, not only during snowy, mystical winters but also during the colorful months of summer, spring and fall.



Experience the beauty of the Dolomites - no matter the season


Val Di Funes is considered an absolute paradise for all mountain and outdoor lovers. The endless particularities and changing colors of nature are a real spectacle and invite many visitors from all over the world each year. Every season makes the landscape look absolutely unique and impresses with its own, special moods: Whether it’s snowy, idyllic winters, lush green meadows during spring and summer or golden, colorful forests and leaves during autumn - the Val di Funes stands out again and again with its enchanted and diverse beauty.



Nature & Culture


Not only can you expect the marvelous nature of the Dolomites but also a lot of cultural sights: Val di Funes is the home of the legendary Reinhold Messner and invites guests to visit the wonderful Nature Park House Puez-Odle in the heart of Santa Maddalena, which is only a few steps away from the Hotel Fines. As already mentioned above, also the famous churches of Santa Maddalena and St. John in Ranui are just a short walk away and impress with their unique, idyllic location as well as with their ancient, historic background and super interesting stories.